The Raleigh Chopper Purchase

Well, after watching every MKI or II Raleigh Chopper for weeks that went through Ebay I   discovered they were fetching £200 (for wrecks) to £2800 (for concourse show bikes).

I was after a bargain bike that I might need to do a ‘bit of work’.

I was offered a red (my colour of choice) MKII from a girl from works’ dad for £100 but it looked rough (and a project too far for me) so passed on it but Richard, one of my colleagues who bought it for his wife – this is now his project!

I was outbid on a couple of Ebay bikes until a 1974 MKII came up in purple(hmmm), had to be collected from Gorbridge, just south of Edinburgh so I contacted the seller and asked for a buy it now price – he said £250 – truth be told, if he’d said £150 I would’ve bought it.

I took the chance with the auction and placed my faith in a highly recommended auction snipe site and my cheeky max was £110. It finished Friday afternoon and surprisingly I won it for £67 🙂 so off to Gorbridge he next day for pickup. The bike was  definately a  non-runner and looking REALLY sorry for itself but the owner had a bag of bits he’d bought with the intention of restoring it but hadn’t got around to fitting any. Checkout the photos section to see how sorry it was looking.

Now I had my bike, I just needed to establish which bits I still needed to try and source them to make my bike a runner.

To be continued…..

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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2 Responses to The Raleigh Chopper Purchase

  1. Mick Fairhurst says:

    Hi Barney!

    Did you ever follow my blog about my JOGLE on a Chopper?
    I was very surprised how comfortable they are, and I wish you well on your adventures. They are a great bike, and I’ve seriously considered getting a frame-builder to construct one from lighter steel. They really are a heavyweight bicycle so would benefit from lighter tubes and alu wheels.

    How are you getting on with the brakes? I fitted a Shimano rollerbrake which worked fantastically.

    Mick F.

    • barneybear69 says:

      Hi Mick,
      I’ve read and re-read your blog many times and you were my inspiration for this challenge.
      I never went as far as the changing the front derailleur for the complexities you described previously but I’m happy with my twin on the back and 3 internal although I’m awaiting delivery of a new sprocket so I’ll have a 17t/22t instead of the current 18t/22t. Hopefully it’ll help to push it along on the flat a bit more.
      Front brake seems to work well(ish) but the rear one maybe not there for what good it does 😦 I think it means a winter project to get something sorted with the brakes parachute maybes ???
      Making a lighter version would make a huge difference but wouldn’t it be more cost effective to buy a MKIII which I believe are aluminium frame but without the original shifters etc?
      Hope you are keeping well and still getting out on your bike regularly.

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