Progress up to Easter 2012

Well, some parts of the bike were in a sorrier state than I originally thought. But on the bright side some bits were better – hoorah

I had originally intended to make the bike a runner and not take time (and £££’s) on a makeover until I came to try and remove the cissy bars which turned into a nightmare. If it weren’t for my friendly neighbour (Paul) and his father in law (Harry) and their abundance of heavyweight equipment it would still be stuck now. But after using a hydraulic ram (like the jaws of life) and then reverting to a welding torch (to heat the frame up I have little choice but to restore the paintwork of the bike. I investigated colour matches and nearly opted for fizzy lemon as there’s a 98% match in a Ford yellow but have now found a match for the ultraviolet (purple) which is Vauxhall Rainbow Blue. I’ll do all the prep wok and Paul will paint it – happy days.

So it was down to me to get ALL the bits off. Time consuming, frustrating but now done – yaaay

After reading another restoration blog I took their advice and used a product called Oven Pride to clean all the chrome – danger warning, it really does burn your arms if you get it on your skin 😦 on the plus side some of the bits come up like new!!!

Photos are in the photographs section of the blog

I have had to buy the following:

New cables, gear chain, rear mudguard, red T bar gear shifter, brass rivets for the brass heron badge, new seat strap (with warning not to carry passengers), new bearings, 2 brake caliper bolts. One of my friends is going to cover the seat in LEATHER.

I’m just trying to decide if i need any pieces rechromed.

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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2 Responses to Progress up to Easter 2012

  1. Martin says:

    Have you actually managed to get that list of bits and bobs Nigel? If it’s not too pricey mate go for the rechrome. Jude will love this birthday present 😉

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