(3)Trial runs and next steps

Well I’ve now had the chopper ready for a couple of weeks and in total I’ve done 24 miles on it.

It may not have been far but it’s been eventful.

I’ve done 2 trips to The Hub ( a new cyclist cafe on the Quayside in Newcastle, ideally situated on the C2C route) and one trip to work in Newcastle.

On the 2 trips down to the cafe the bike seems to raise a smile wherever I go and  nearly everyone that passes as I drink my tea wants to talk to me about it whether it be: they used to own one, wish they had one, how much are they, how do you restore them and why did I restore mine etc etc I also get a lot of people wanting to take photographs of the finished project. Check the cafe out even if you are a local rider, they do good food and beverages as well as a small workshop and some sales.

My other was a ride to work which, as anyone who know Newcastle will be aware includes a stiff  climb up from the Quayside into the middle of town – this shows the inadequacies of 3 speed internal gears – heaven forbid when I take on my Coast 2 Coast challenge next year.

Anyway, 3 short rides completed and nothing dropped off the bike 🙂

I now have my second 22 tooth gear on the rear to accompany the 18T standard – next step is to attach the rear derailleur and set that up giving a me a total of 6 gears – woohoo. I could also do with working out a way whereby I could make the brakes more efficient but I’m sure I can work on that over the winter!!


About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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