An extended run out and a surprise to me

I thought I’d extend my ride out today so ventured out on a 12 miler but still not venturing too far from home in case of any major mechanical issues ( you’d think I wasn’t confident).
Headed west past the Metrocentre where as per normal the bike turned a few heads and caused some smiles.
Once over Scotswood Bridge it was direct east and unusually into a headwind which shows highlights how aerodynamic they are … NOT!!
Whilst heading down the riverside I started to pass a boy and his dad (Mathew and Trevor) and the boy (Mathew Cullen) had an original purple chopper which his dad (Trevor Cullen) had bought. It was interesting swapping stories and I think the dad is now considering doing a full restore – good luck – it’s worth it. I took the rare opportunity of photographing 2 original purple choppers – something you don’t see every day.
Onwards to the cycle hub cafe where loads if other cyclists wanted to come and chat about their memories etc and most amazed that I would attempt the c2c on it.
Some things I have learned do far:

  • They bring a smile to faces
  • They bring back fond memories – I think they may be rose tinted 😉
  • People aren’t shy at shouting CHOPPER as you pass
  • Many people must now have photographic evidence that they’ve spotted an original 1974 Raleigh chopper.
2 Purple Raleigh Choppers

Two Purple MKII Raleigh Choppers. Original on left and restored (mine) on right

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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4 Responses to An extended run out and a surprise to me

  1. Trevor Cullen says:

    Hi Nigel great to meet up with you todays picture look great, the restoration is planned for the winter. So hopefully next time we see you our bike will be as good as yours. Would be great if you could send the picture of our two bikes to me. Hope to see you again.
    Stay safe Trevor and Mathew

  2. mathew cullen says:

    hello Nigel
    its Mathew Cullen we have just given the chopper a respray but in the fizzy lemon colour
    thanks Mathew

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