I wish I had £1 for…

  • every time just seeing the bike (and realising it’s an original) puts a huge grin on people’s faces
  • every time somebody wants to take a photo
  • every time somebody tells me “they used to own one” – maybe, but where is it now?
  • every time somebody tells me they want to buy one – it’ll cost you!!!

This is what impact original Choppers have on people!! Alan Oakley (Raleigh Chopper inventor) would be proud.

Unusually this weekend I managed to get out for (short) rides on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I went to see my cousin’s new bike shop www.kbcycles.co.uk which he’s had to relocate due to the recent flooding hit his existing shop – things are moving along there so hopefully they’ll be back in business soon.

I then continued down Newcastle Quayside the Cyclists Hub cafe. There’s nothing like sitting outside on a nice day with a cuppa whilst everyone seems to want to talk Chopper 🙂

On Sunday I was pushed for time so only made it directly to the cafe (and more talking) but on the way back witnessed the Millennium Bridge being lifted to allow a sailing boat underneath – read: photo opportunity – photos included

This week I’m sending off for a chainguard protector as I don’t want to damage the frame if the chain comes off 😦

I also have a new smaller rear sprocket (17 tooth) to replace the 18 tooth original so I’ll have 17/22 combo on the back which hopefully will mean I can make more rapid progress on the flat – go…….

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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