I received a tweet from none other than…

Today was a day to push the mileage even further to nearly 17miles (steady as I go). It was after all my birthday weekend (thanks for all the birthday wishes) so I decided on the Sunday to go out on the Chopper – the weather was glorious, considering it’s late October and much better than many an August day. I decided to head up the River Tyne as I had before, across the Scotswood Bridge but instead of going straight to the cafe on the Quayside I headed up to Jesmond to have a leisurely cycle up Jesmond Dene. It’s great all year but really stunning with the colourful Autumn foliage etc.  I cycled to the top to the Watermill and then onto the stone bridge which overlooks the waterfall. I stopped for 10 minutes to take some photos and as it happens for others to take photos of the bike which has now become the norm. Then it was off for the drop all the way down to the Quayside – this really highlights how inadequate the brakes are (more tweaks o those to be done later), but I made it for lunch and more questions and photos re the bike before meandering back home along the Quayside (which is always very busy Sunday mornings) and to ‘suffer’ more admiring glances 🙂

Jesmond Dene Watermill

Jesmond Dene Watermill

Jesmond Dene Waterfall
Jesmond Dene Waterfall

Jesmond Dene Waterfall
Jesmond Dene Waterfall

Back to the post title: Normally when you tweet superstars they ignore you (and I can’t blame them).

This time it was different, Mrs B had bought tickets for me to go and listen to Mark Beaumont (of world record holder for cycling around the world fame) give a talk on his adventures to which I was accompanied by John Bell and Tony Stephenson a couple of my  wambling friends!! I responded to one of Mark’s tweets ‘Couldn’t help look suspiciously at everyone at hotel breakfast today after unbelievably enthusiastic noises from the next room all night!’

So this time it was different after he’d checked out my blog he commented ‘Lycra and a Raleigh Chopper – that’s a strong look! Enjoy your ride – see you later’

Fair cop I thought – I’m now wearing camouflaged shorts with lycra underneath 🙂

As a point of interest, if you are anything like me go along and listen to one of his very well presented talks. Details will be published on his site – truly inspirational http://markbeaumontonline.com/

I need to buy his book now 🙂

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'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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