Happy 2013 Everyone

To all readers I wish you a very special 2013, may all your expectations be exceeded 🙂

It’s safe to say the Chopper is tucked up for the winter but I have done a couple of jobs on it.

It’s had a clean (to get it back to its former glory)


I’ve always had a concern that the 2″ x 20″ knobbly tyre on the back would be slow/er for touring. I’ve done a lot of research but tbh I haven’t find too many options in the 20″ range.

I therefore contacted a friend (who I got to know when I was planning my www.nigelend2end.co.uk ). He’s called Mick Fairhurst, retired, lives in Cornwell and has actually done Lejog on a Chopper towing a trailer – checkout his blog.

Anyway he’d sold his Chopper a while back but just happened to have the actual rear tyre he’d made his successful attempt on together with a brand new version of the same tyre which he said I could have – thanks Mick. This is 1.75″ and not as knobbly as the originals. So now my Chopper is kitted with his rear tyre and it still looks brand new  – let’s hope I can do it justice.

One final job was to replace the original 18t sprocket on back to a 17t on the back which should see me hurtling along on the flats …. maybe NOT!!!!

Apart from that it’s now 2013 and this is the year I intend to do the Coast 2 Coast, hopefully in May. There are number of friends who have also expressed their interest in joining me (I think it’s collectively to enjoy watching me suffer). So far: John Bell, Carl Rutter, Andy Robinson, Martin Thomas, Jed Woodhouse, Simon Veit-Wilson

Well I best get some training mileages in over the coming month whether it be on the Chopper or my tourer …….

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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