Dates and riders finalised, accommodation booked

Well after talking about it for a long time we have made progress on organising our ride.

Dates 22-24 june 2013

The riders will be:
John Bell – Completed C2C a few time now – lazy trainer and built for comfort, not for speed
Jed Woodhouse – One of the 2 fast riders in our bunch – he should use his MTB to give the resta  chance – it’s NOT a race
Carl Rutter – new to cycling a couple of years ago – has youth on his side (but not experience)
David Senior – could be a dark horse – not sure of his capabilities …. yet!!!
Michael Charlton – Keen to get this milestone under his belt – looking for a comfy saddle
Simon Veit-Wilson – Another fast lad (and showoff) – one of 3 of us who did C2C ina day a few years back


+ 1 other – unknown
And hopefully others joining us for day rides

The daily routes will be:
Day 1 Whitehaven – Penrith

50.36 miles and 3051feet of ascent

Whitehaven penrith  -Route Profile

Whitehaven penrith -Route Profile

Day 2 Penrith – Rookhope

38.86 miles and 4441feet of ascent

Penrith Stanhope - Route Profile

Penrith Stanhope – Route Profile

Day 3 Rookhope – Tynemouth

43.88 miles and 1079feet of ascent

Stanhope Tynemouth - Route Profile

Stanhope Tynemouth – Route Profile

Accommodation(booked) Penrith Rookhope

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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