Plan B for the troublesome gears (only cycle geeks should read)

Well after the last couple of rides ended in exactly the same problem meaning a recovery mission from my wife I thought I’d better address the issue.
The problem is/was:
Originally the setup on the rear hub was spoke saver, spacer, single sprocket, shim, round profile circlip to keep it all in place..
The conversion of adding an extra sprocket meant I had to leave off the spoke protector, spacer and shim off as there wasn’t enough space for them so it ended up the 2 sprockets with the circling to hold them in place.

If the chain slipped over the biggest cog the sideways pressure popped off the circlip – end of ride 😦

After discussion with my friend(and painter of the bike) Harry he suggested he would weld the sprockets together making them more solid and to use a square edged circlip so less likely of popping out the groove.
So that’s what he’s done and I must say it seems a much more solid job. I just need to get out and test it now!

Another issue I’ve had is the inability to stop due to the inefficient single side pull brakes and old brake blocks onto chrome steel wheels. I’ve now replaced the blocks with leather faced blocks which apparently help in wet weather (not that I choose to ride her in the wet). I’ve also been looking to replace the rear with dual pivot side pulls as they provide more mechanical advantage. I’ve given up on this as it looks like I can’t get any to suit a 2″ wide rim. So plan B might be 2 x single side pulls on the rear operated from one lever using some sort of cable splitter when I can locate one.

Well I’m sorry if you aren’t a bike geek and you attempted to read this – I did try and warn in the title

Once this weather improves I will be back to riding and taking photos on the way.

About barneybear69

'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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