Huge winds and an accompanied long ride

The weather for Sunday 14/4 looked like: warm (19 degrees), windy (18mph gusting 42mph) – It still HAD to be done!!

I text John Bell, one of my friends who is also doing C2C with me and, surprisingly he agreed to ride.

I must say I had a chain throw before getting off our estate which I soon sorted (must be all the practice). Then off around to rendezvous with John (on his MTB) in Dunston.

Off we headed down to the Cycle Hub where we stopped (as is tradition) for pots  (sorry John) of tea. but sitting outside in the warmth for a change. Trying to determine the direction of the wind (it would definitely turn full on westerly later). Eventually we tore ourselves away and headed down the C2C track towards Tynemouth where I’d complained to the council of the broken glass and to my surprise the council had actually been out to clear it (thanks Newcastle council). One of John’s ex colleagues John Loknes lives in North shields and John had arranged a rendezvous. Eventually we would meet at the Lighthouse.

On our way along the seafront the wind (offshore) was BIG and there seemed lots of RAF helicopter action. When we passed through Cullercoats there were ambulances and police cars etc and lots of spectators looking down at an ‘incident’ on the rocks where it transpired somebody was lying on a stretcher. The helicopter was having difficulty picking up the casualty due to the very difficult wind conditions. The pilot came in for another attempt and this time winched the injured person whilst trying their best to keep the (yellow) chopper steady – well flown that pilot!!!

“Humber Coastguard paged the Brigade after receiving a report from the North East Ambulance Service that a man had fallen on rocks at the south end of Whitley Bay Beach sustaining injuries. Brigade members arrived on scene and assisted paramedics from the Ambulance Service’s Hazardous Area Response Team with caring for the 22 year-old male who had sustained hip and leg injuries. The man was placed on a stretcher and evacuated by RAF Rescue Helicopter 131 from RAF Bolumer to the RVI Hospital for further assessment and treatment.
Members of Newbiggin Coastguard Rescue Team and officers from Northumbria Police were also in attendance at this incident”

Once that action was over we headed along to the lighthouse via the promenade at Whitley Bay (and stunned to hear John had never, ever been on it) where we met up with John and had (MORE) tea 🙂 This time the tide was out so we had a cycle across the causeway and took the obligatory lighthouse photo 🙂

John (Loknes) joined us for the return ride along to Tynemouth, which was testing to say the least given the wind before peeling off and heading home – thanks John for the company.

The ride back up the riverside track had some interesting bits where we’d be hit by the (head)wind but all in not as bad as I feared. Returning to the Cycle Hub cafe again for YET MORE TEA – there’s a theme to my rides 😉

Time was up and off we headed home to complete another 38.5miles ride -DONE

Stats for our route:

Thanks John Bell for the company and for the photos:

20130414_124824 20130414_124832_11714 20130414_124832_29384 20130414_124832_36379 20130414_124832_69587 20130414_124832_75649 20130414_124832_127673 20130414_124832_144078 20130414_124832_153979 20130414_124832_155545 20130414_124832_157479 20130414_124832_164045 20130414_124832_164558 20130414_133237





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