The test ride following the gear strip down – and crash into a drunk :-(

Well this is the time to see if the strip down of the rear hub was worth it or whether I’d still have issues. Saturday was a fantastic day, sunny, warm and windless, alas I couldn’t ride until the Sunday which wasn’t going to be as promising.
I contacted a couple of friends Carl and Tony to see if they were up for a ride and yes they were. So I arranged to meet at the hub (where else??) at 10. So off I set and immediately it was apparent I wasn’t going to be besieged by the issues of late. I was heading down the cycling and pedestrian path running parallel to the Tyne when I started approaching a pedestrian who was travelling in the same direction. I sounded my bell, lots, he stepped to the right so l went left between him and the fence which protects you falling in the river. Just as I got to him he staggered left, I shoulder charged him and then bounced off the fence. He was oldish and stinking of drink!!! But he said he was ok but blamed me. Anyway I set off down to the cafe realising my arm was sore. Meeting up with Tony on his cross bike and Carl in his MTB running semi slicks I started telling then the tale over tea then showed them my arm.

The damaged arm before the bruising and swelling

The damaged arm before the bruising and swelling

Off we set towards the coast and I kept apologising that it wasn’t going to be quick but they were impressed how well I was going. Down to tynemouth then headed up the coast to st Mary’s island then push on to Blyth where the weather turned really foul, windy, wet and cold. So we nipped into the cafe which was packed – we were stunned by all the punters. By the time we’d had our refreshments the rain had stopped (thankfully). I stopped to take a couple of photos

Blyth Beach Huts

Blyth Beach Huts

Deserted beach Blyth

Deserted beach Blyth

Then it was a case of retracing our steps back to the cycle hub cafe. I’m glad to hear Carl was suffering with bum trouble πŸ™‚ and I was suffering with a sore knee – I couldn’t decide if it was down to the short cranks or possible impact damage – ibuleve gel had it sorted within 48 hours yaay

Another record set by completing 47.5 miles and the bike didn’t have one issue thankfully.

This week I’m expecting delivery of my full length cranks to replace the kiddie cranks – ride like the wind πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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'middle aged' cyclist from North East aiming to do the LEJOG in August 2011
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