Bikes and riders dropping like flies (and some training in between)

Since my last entry, “photoshoot” there’s been lots happening although I don’t seem to have had time to type it up.

I’ll be brief about the training:

Carl and Ian have been getting plenty of 25-30 milers in which will stand them in good stead for the ride. Jed I assume he’s been getting some rides in especially testing his old MTB (more on that later). John hasn’t done a training ride in the last 4 weeks and has spent the past 2 weeks in Florida bulking up on alll that American goodness. To be fair, before that I don’t think I’ve known him to train as much for any other ride. I have done a 53 miler (Hexham) with Ian on the chopper last weekend where I was on fire and grabbing the tails of the packs of carbon roadies as they went past and their look of amazement as they couldn’t drop me off the back – I averaged 12mph which is very good going for a 40yr old kids bike, hardly designed for distances further than your mate’s house in the next street. 2 weekends ago I took the train down to Hull and cycled Hull-Whitby, Whitby-home over 2 days on the tourer so that was a good 153 mile test albeit not on the Chopper.

The bikes:

John has chosen reliability over comfort by using his Specialised MTB rather than his retro GT. I assume Carl and Ian’s bikes being newish should be problem free. Jed pulled out his old MTB (to give us a chance) and has noticed the chain slipping (classic signs of chain stretch) resulting in him replacing the chain and rear cassette. Unfortunately it still slipped therefore it was down to the cranks which he has now replaced – he could’ve bought a new bike!! My chopper: I’ve got the 9 speeds working sweetly. I borrowed a friends chopper front wheel as I knew it had been replaced and would give a better stopping surface (I’ll need all the help I can get dropping off of Hartside at up to 40mph). I pumped the rear tyre up only to notice and egg shaped lump on the tread. I nearly bluffed it out but after fessing to John decided I really should change it. Today’s mission is hopefully to get a replacement tyre. Other choices are the original Chopper tyre or a 20″ BMX tyre I’ve borrowed.

The riders:

Carl’s fit, although I suspect he will be hungover for day one as he’s out Friday night. Jed should be fit and John will be (as) fit (as he ever is). Ian recently came a cropper due to his SPD’s and I believe he’s sporting a nice gravel rash.

Now for the serious ones – Michael is diabetic and his doctor has just changed his treatment  and suggested he shouldn’t ride. Simon, for a few weeks has casually been dropping into conversation about a possible heart ‘issue’, turns out this is more serious than originally thought and he’s being fitted with a heart monitor to check it out. so he’s also out. Pity as it would’ve made a great blog entry “rider carries defribulator” or ” progress delayed whilst we wait for the paramedics” – anyway he’s still coming to see us off at the start line.

The forecast:

Mixture of light rain, rain, heavy rain all weekend – there’s a theme there 😦 on the plus side the winds could also be strong and they are coming from SW so should aid our progress.

A new section of the blog (above) “Follow our progress” will show you within 10 minutes of actually where we are.

Also don’t forget it’s not too lateto sponsor our ride (it’s not going to be easy)

Hopefully I’ll try and update along the way but it may be brief.

Thanks for all the well wishes and don’t forget if you have a bike feel free to come and join us at any point – you’ll know where we are 🙂


Pair of MKII's

Pair of MKII’s

Egg on tyre tread

Egg on tyre tread

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